Fresh Eggs in A Warm Wooden Bowl
Preserving Fresh Eggs Using Hydrated Lime
Cobbler Recipe
Crockpot Cobbler Recipe For Whatever Fruit You're Craving
Lentil Sprouts

Lentil Sprouts for Your Chickens (& Family)

"Winter, with it’s dropping temperatures, snow, wind, rain and ice can bring up a lot of concerns for new chicken owners. It’s easy to feel sorry for them from our nice cozy homes while they’re out in the cold. The reality is that chickens prefer the cold over the intense heat, and do great with the proper set up. You can however keep your birds very happy in the colder months by giving extra protein to keep their strength up..."

“Winter comes every year and faster than most of us would like. Each year we face the brutal cold and (most of us) are to be reminded of the blessing of a warm place to live or stay. As this happens, I can’t help be reminded each year of the wisdom of having firewood storage ready to go in case of an emergency. When possible to have one, a well kept wood pile is one of the basics of a homestead, and an important part of emergency preparedness…”

“The potpourri was our ancestor’s “Glade PlugIn”. Except… better. Much, much better. It is a great way to make the house smell delicious without the calories of cookies and the chemicals from those candles you used to love before finding out they can potentially be a health hazard. This recipe is one we made growing up as a family. I have very fond memories of helping my mom make it and breathing in the aroma of citrus and cinnamon…”