Fresh Eggs in A Warm Wooden Bowl
Preserving Fresh Eggs Using Hydrated Lime
Cobbler Recipe
Crockpot Cobbler Recipe For Whatever Fruit You're Craving
Lentil Sprouts

Lentil Sprouts for Your Chickens (& Family)

"Winter, with it’s dropping temperatures, snow, wind, rain and ice can bring up a lot of concerns for new chicken owners. It’s easy to feel sorry for them from our nice cozy homes while they’re out in the cold. The reality is that chickens prefer the cold over the intense heat, and do great with the proper set up. You can however keep your birds very happy in the colder months by giving extra protein to keep their strength up..."

While there are a few larger options for water storage (totes and
barrels around the 100- 300 gallon range), we will be discussing storing
water in 55-gallon plastic water barrels for this post.

A 55-gallon water barrel is 36″ high and 24″ wide. They weigh well over 450lbs when completely filled.

Make sure that the barrel you are purchasing or using is made of food grade plastic…”

So many people are excited about the prospect of growing their own herbs, fruits, vegetables, annuals or perennials. Naturally the question arises- “Where to begin?”.

The good news is that simply learning about the many unique or alternative gardening methods is a great first step to determine what your needs are and which method would work best for you. If you’re new to the game this article is a great introduction to gardening.