Solar Powered & Rechargable Baby! Anyone in need of a solar powered, rechargeable lantern? Maybe that’s why you’ve stopped in? Look no further. This beauty came into our lives when we were in the market for a new lantern to take camping and have as part of our emergency gear. I was tired of the huge, overly heavy lanterns that took massive batteries. We knew we wanted something dimmable for tent camping. Something easy for the kids to use was an added bonus. Did some digging and voila…”

“The mammoth sunflower. We grew our first this year and had a blast. The kids loved it so much that we’ve decided to do our best to make a tradition out of it every single year from here on out. It was a joy to see them grow taller and taller, thicker and thicker at the base until they were over ten feet tall and hovering above us. Amazing to see something so huge come from one tiny little seed…”

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