Meet Rachel from Herbs, Birds & the Bees – Self Reliance

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Hello, I’m Rachel!

Welcome to Herbs, Birds & the Bees!

Herbs, Birds & the Bees is a homesteading & emergency preparedness community striving for more practical, sustainable self reliance.

My goal in this project and business of mine is to help everyone who comes my way to become more self reliant, even if just in the smallest way.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and photography has been an outlet for years to help endure the difficulties of life. Working in the garden is one of the sweetest pleasures in life. Teaching my kids principles of self reliance and seeing their confidence and excitement grow inspires me everyday.


Fate has brought me here, sharing my artistic expression and perspective with the world. Working hard to make a living and impact is my goal.

5 Random Things About Me:

  • I once started falling down a steep cliff while glissading down a mountain. My ice axe and quick reaction time most likely saved my life.
  • I have a reputation for being a veggie lover.
  • My favorite thing to do will always be swimming laps for hours and having that quiet time to think.
  • The best day ever includes reading a good book by the fire, taking a nap and spending hours in the garden with the people I love.
  • My husband and I love doing pillow fights with our kids. It feels like a great way to pay them back for all the sleep deprivation, and they love it.
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My Personal Self Reliance Favorites:

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Crock-pot Cobbler Recipe For Whatever Fruit You’re Craving

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I can’t wait to connect or do business with you! Wishing you and your family all the best in your self reliance journey!


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