A Plant-Based Diet Will Bring Rich Abundance to Your Life

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Plant-based diets seem to be all the rage nowadays- but the reality is that they’ve been around for centuries and are honestly quite simple to implement. The biggest hurdle is clearly our ability to cut out the extra processed foods, sugars and animal based products that have become so intertwined in our society and culture. It’s very obvious that most of us have become addicted to these foods, and that is not an easy relationship to break up with. Add in the stresses of life, and having to discard bad habits deeply ingrained and it can feel overwhelming. Do not be discouraged though, and know that if you can make changes. A plant based diet will bring rich abundance to your life!

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Knowledge is power.

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Start With WHY

Carrots, freshly picked.

If we’re truly going to make changes in our lives, one of the best ways to do so is to start with the question- why? This also applies to teaching and especially parenting. If you, your student or child understands why something is necessary or beneficial then they are much more likely to stick with it or truly understand it. When it comes to diet, it can be very hard and discouraging at times. It will not change completely overnight. If you can focus on the “whys”, and have an attitude of good health over everything else, then I guarantee you will find long term success. Throw out all of those temporary “diets” and focus on good health. That’s it.

Health Benefits to Plant-Based Diet

To start, I suppose we will refer to some of the research. There is still much to be studied about plant-based diets, and many unanswered questions. However, the research overwhelmingly points towards the benefits of it.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates

Certainly a few pack a day smokers will live into their 90’s and some ultra-marathoner health nuts will die in their early 30’s, but they are absolutely the exception and not the rule.

What have I noticed for myself being on a plant-based diet? I have more energy to last the whole day, less anxiety and depression, more interest in sex, stronger nails and hair, have more mental clarity and overall feel really good.

Fresh produce at farmer's market.

Money Saving!

Many people seem to think that a plant-based diet is more expensive. If you’re buying all of the specialty, more processed vegan, vegetarian and dairy free items then yes, you will be spending more money. However, if you can keep things simple and plant based you will be saving loads of money in the long run, even while buying certain foods organic.

Think about the cost of a 10lb bag of frozen chicken breast: $18.83 (WALMART) vs. a 10lb bag of brown rice: $12.66 or a 10lb bag of black beans: $24.99 (AMAZON). With those price comparisons, think about how long a bag of chicken breast will last you compared to a huge 10lb bag of rice or beans. Huge difference there. Fresh produce is the same story. You can eat a bag of chips in one sitting. Good luck eating a chip sized bag full of cucumbers or carrots while watching your favorite show.

Healthcare costs. This cannot go unsaid. With all the health benefits that come from a simple, plant based diet, you will no doubt be saving money down the line for healthcare.

Easy, Simple Eating

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed with the whole concept, hear this liberating tale: plant-based eating can be very simple, easy AND delicious. Don’t overthink it. There’s something so simple and satisfying about a lunch that consists of apples, peanut butter, your favorite veggies and hummus. Super filling, delicious and probably one of the easiest meals to prep ever.

I also find that I do not miss prepping or cooking meat one bit. It’s messy, takes a lot of time and creates a lot of grease.

Good For Kids

Check out THIS SHORT VIDEO CLIP of Jamie Oliver asking elementary aged kids the names of different vegetables. There is a huge disconnect for many kids today about where their food comes from, what it looks like unprocessed and how to grow it. Living a plant-based lifestyle and eating a plant-based diet allows your children to try a variety of textures, flavors and variety of foods that they’ve never had before. You may be shocked to find that over time, your two year old will happily eat brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, celery, spinach or cucumber.

Dirt and shovel, gardening.

Start your own garden and your children will love to participate in every aspect of it. There is something about being outside in the dirt with the people they love that especially young children go crazy over. Throw in the small detail that they get to grow their own food and you might have future master gardeners on your hands. We love our garden and our kids do too. I know it’s definitely a way that a plant-based diet will bring rich abundance to your life.

Environmental Impact

One could write for years on the negative environmental impact of modern industrial agricultural farming- keyword, industrial. For the sake of this post, I will not go there. In a nutshell, if we all switched to eating meat more sparingly, we could make a huge, positive impact. However, interestingly there are some global repercussions that could come if every single person on the planet suddenly went meat free.

A Plant Based Diet Will Bring You Rich Abundance

If you are here and have made it to the end of this post- chances are you’re intrigued and can see the benefit of a plant-based lifestyle. Especially if you have children at home- today, right now, is the perfect time to start implementing. Raise those kids right and give them the best shot at life. I know that a plant-based diet will bring rich abundance to your life, all you have to do is take the first step.

Fresh picked honeycrisp apples

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You’ve figured out WHY, next is HOW?

Looking forward to diving into these ventures with you!

Enjoying the abundant life, until next time,


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2 thoughts on “A Plant-Based Diet Will Bring Rich Abundance to Your Life

  1. Great information! It’s funny how we think we love meat but it’s really just the salt and sugar we put on it.

    1. Good point Brandon, thank you for stopping by. I think you’re spot on, most people do not miss meat one bit once they cut it out of their diet and replace it with something better.